“Don’t I impress you at all?”

Every day I try to post one of my square and black&white street photo’s, either freshly shooten or an oldie. Sometimes, however, I feel the need to do something in colour, for instance when my wife Karin and I have visited the beautiful Rotterdam zoo “Diergaarde Blijdorp”. We do that so now and then, let’s say twice a year. I make lots of photographs then, most of which turn out not to be worth posting, in my opinion. This picture of two cormorants – a macho one trying to impress a lady – is one of the few exceptions. Every man remembers how it felt trying to impress a girl in his teenager years, not seldom in a clumsy way, gaining nothing more than that lovely girl (often with her friends) giggling and leaving you behind with your frustrations. This picture reminds me of this, in a funny way, of course.